4 Ways Your Home Interior Can Affect Your Happiness

4 Ways Your Home Interior Can Affect Your Happiness

When we design our home interior, we should always look after one important aspect: How the whole design will affect your daily mood. Some people get carried away with putting up furniture and just going with whatever favorite color they want, without thinking of the effect of the entirety. There are scientific studies explaining how an interior can affect you physically and emotionally.

We rounded up some ways to guide you towards a better, happier home!

1. Choose the Right Color

Colors in our environment hugely affect our mood and emotions. It’s important to choose the right ones to set the desired tone we want in a certain room. The simplest rule is light colors feel more open and fresh, as for darker colors depicts the feeling of being enclosed.

Colors have an influence in our state of mind, it can cheer us, make us feel calm, relaxed and make us feel secure. But they are not exempted from having a negative effect, some colors can make you feel tired and depressed. Choose your colors wisely, as it can affect you and your family, negatively and positively.

Here are some usual home colors and their implications:

White – has a sense of cleanliness and purity. This is great for small spaces you want to make feel larger. It is a good idea to add some color-pop with it, since a pure white room is associated with sterility, just like for a medical setting.

Yellow – associated with creativity and happiness. This color is perfect for a room with lots of natural light to give out a bright and peaceful environment.

Gray – relates to serenity and relaxation. This color can be used for offices and a bathroom.

Brown – gives out a natural relaxing touch because it is associated in the mind with wood and stability. Just be careful in using this too much since it can make you sleepy.

2. Consider the Spacing

Interior Designers have been using the Perception of Space which is basically using visual tricks of how others view the space around them. For rooms you want to look larger, using smaller furniture and hanging a large mirror on the wall can do the trick. For a warmer feel, ambient lighting and group of furniture will do it.

The 4 basic factors that affect our spatial perception are colors, materials, furnishings, and lighting. Considering the space is important, too, especially for people with claustrophobia.Keeping in mind of these factors and applying them properly in a room, can turn a claustrophobic room into a more comfortable one.

3. Mix in some Touches of Nature

Rooms with some touch of nature can make people feel more at ease. It creates an atmosphere of recovery and improves the working environment, air quality, inspiration, and focus. Studies also show that plants help improve memory retention, productivity, and concentration when working near them. Touches of nature can also undeniably lower heart rates and reduce stress.

4. Furniture

Filling in the space with whatever furnitures you have may be a bad idea. The combination of the entire room, from the structure and look of the furniture and their arrangements – these all matter and can act as an expression of your personality and desires.

There are 4 distinct value criteria to consider other than the furniture’s face value: the Furniture’s function, exchange, symbol, and sign. Make sure to keep this all in mind while you shop for furniture and give off that desired impression you want.

Start dressing your Home Interior

These techniques are also used by interior designers to influence a person psychologically. Why not apply it in your own home? There can be a HUGE change in your daily mood and can result to a more positive life! It is worth the effort to think and consider even the smallest aspects to build a healthier and happier home.

7 Incredibly Easy Ways To Make Home More Functional

ways to make your home more fundtional


There are many times when a complete home renovation may be unnecessary and/or out of your budget. The situation may just call for strategies that help with the reorganization of your home and maximizing its potential. Let’s discuss 7 incredibly easy ways to make your home more functional.

  1. Utilizing closet rod brackets

For under $5, you can upgrade your garage shelves to a more functional version by installing closet rod brackets. They come equipped with hooks that allow you to hang tools and other gadgets which might otherwise take up valuable space in your closet or other living space. These are readily available at any hardware store.

  1. Create more free space.

This is especially handy in bedrooms where space comes at a premium. Make use of storage containers to hold children’s toys, stationery supplies, and other miscellaneous items. If you find that beds are taking too much space, consider upgrading to murphy beds, and bunk beds for the kids. Conserving space in children’s rooms allows it to be double up as a play space so that kids are not left playing tag in the living room!

  1. Living room upgrades.

Your living room can be upgraded with coffee tables that feature storage space. This will help accentuate the living room with a beautiful piece of furniture that allows you to alleviate space restrictions if you live in an already cramped apartment. This will allow for extra storage of books, or other non-essentials and spare items such as light bulbs, batteries, etc.

  1. Replace tub with a shower.

Replacing your tub with a shower is a smart move due to its decreased risk of accidental falls, and showers are also more economical as they use less water.  Alway make sure you hire a professional plumber for this and don’t try to do it yourself. 

  1. Upgrading Lighting.

The good home interior design is always accentuated by good lighting. To increase the presence of natural light within your home, ensure that your windows are outfitted with clear glass windows.

  1. Upgrade your closet space.

If you are looking to maximize the space in your home, consider replacing some or all of your bulky shelf storage for some narrow bookcase shelves. This will allow you to use more vertical space in your home, freeing up floor space to give your home a more spacious appearance.

  1. Add more shower shelves.

You only have one showerhead, you will quickly run out of space after hanging a small number of items. If you face this issue, consider investing in shower shelves that are drilled into the wall, or held up by a plastic anchor.