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The Benefits of Rubber Roofing

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Nowadays, there are many options to protect and repair roofs but rubber roofing is still very popular among homeowners. A rubber roofing membrane is great when you need a long-lasting rooftop.

Here are some of the reasons why.

What is it

First of all, a rubber roof (or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer roof), it’s a  lightweight product made of durable rubber that is glued into place to reduce leaking and to produce more impenetrable sealing.

This is a very cost-effective choice. The product is affordable, and installation is faster and easier than some other options, reducing labor and installation costs.

Most of these roofs are laid in a single piece, which means there are no seams or very few, depending on the layout of the roof. Few seams mean few places for water to seep under the roofing and damage the home.

Due to its flexible nature, rubber roofing can go where typical asphalt roofing cannot.

How long will a rubber roofing last? 

If installed correctly, you can expect a rubber roof to be up to 50 years! 

It’s incredibly long-lasting and durable. The best proof is that you can see rubbing roofs from decades ago still in place.

Rubber roofing shouldn’t crack or become brittle due to hot or cold weather conditions. Modern rubber is not susceptible to the sun’s UV and ultraviolet rays.

Snow and rain don’t affect the properties of the rubber membrane, but you can find a range of accessories designed to drain out any excess water, further protecting the structure of your roof.

Unlike traditional materials such as tiles, slates, steel or felt, the rubber roof membrane isn’t vulnerable to rust or moss growing on it, nor will it tear, split or crack.

Benefits of choosing a rubber roofing

Rubber roofing requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime. Over the years, it will require little if any care, such as repainting the roof with acrylic paint.

The advantage of rubber is that if the roof ever does have a leak, repairs are fast, easy, and extremely inexpensive. For example, if the rubber membrane is ever damaged, torn, or split, it’s very easy to repair and you won’t have to worry about major trouble.

This type of roofing is especially beneficial for flat or low-pitch roofs, and another plus is that it’s an eco-friendly choice as most of it is constructed from recycled materials like recycled tires.

The roof is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life, and the rubber itself takes less energy to produce than most other roofing materials. 

If you’re considering having rubber roofing done in your house or business building, let our Wayne Roof Experts help guide you and make an informed roofing decision.

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