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Can PRP Therapy Solve Hair Loss?

September 14, 2022 | Health & Beauty | No Comments

Another pass with the hairbrush, another handful of strands, and still another area of the scalp that is clearly visible. This scenario is likely all too familiar to you if you are one of the 80 million adults in the United States who struggle from androgenetic alopecia, often known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.

Losing your hair may be a devastating experience, particularly in terms of your self-confidence and ability to interact socially. According to the findings of one study, approximately 29% of women who are experiencing hair loss also exhibit signs of sadness. According to the findings of another source, male pattern baldness can cause an “enormous emotional load.”

A novel natural approach, on the other hand, may provide patients who have exhausted all other options hope for hair restoration without resorting to surgery, medications, or topical ointments. Platelet-rich plasma injections, also known as PRP injections, are an innovative method that involves the use of the patient’s own blood platelets. Platelets are a type of cell that promotes healing all throughout the body and can be used to potentially reverse hair loss and grow new hair.

Although platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) for hair restoration is a relatively new operation, it could be an option to help you look and feel more like yourself again.

How does PRP work?

Loss of hair can occur at any point during maturity, despite the fact that it is commonly connected with aging and heredity. The process of balding happens when the hair follicles, which are little sacs that anchor individual hairs to the scalp, begin to shrink. This makes it possible for the hair to fall out, which results in balding.

PRP has been used by medical professionals in the field of sports medicine to assist in the healing of musculoskeletal and tendon injuries. Research indicates that injecting the platelets that are found in a patient’s blood and activating growth factors can boost the blood supply to a patient’s hair follicles and raise the thickness of their hair shafts when treating hair loss in patients.

Prior to doing PRP therapy, we will get down with you to discuss the expectations that are reasonable. It is feasible to improve the health of your hair and increase its thickness, as shown in a number of studies that have been peer-reviewed. We will also discuss lifestyle changes that can have an effect on hair loss, such as giving up smoking and eating a diet that is supplemented with vitamin D and iron, which are two minerals that might help support hair development.

The entire process takes fewer than thirty minutes to complete. We are going to take a sample of your blood and then put it through a centrifuge so that we can separate the platelets. After that, it will be removed and injected into the areas of your scalp that are thinning or balding. The majority of patients report experiencing only mild discomfort, if any at all, and are able to go back to work the next day.

Patients are required to come back for another injection once every month for the first three months, and then once every three to six months after that.

The treatment requires the use of your own blood, and there is only a small chance of complications. Bleeding, hematoma, infection, and nerve injury are all possible dangers, but they are extremely remote possibilities. PRP should not be administered to patients who are using anticoagulants, as well as patients who have an active scalp infection, chronic liver illness, or a low platelet count.

Is PRP useful for treating hair loss in patients?

We are currently in the process of collecting long-term data to understand the prospects of new and maintained hair regrowth using PRP, which is similar to the process that is required for any unique technique. In today’s world, it is possible for patients to combine PRP injection therapy with other therapies for hair loss, such as medicine.

There is growing evidence from clinical trials that suggest PRP can benefit people who are experiencing hair loss. The majority of studies that have been conducted using PRP have reported following up with patients for a period of up to six months after their surgery. We have minimal data after that time, but ongoing studies can tell us which patients benefit the most from PRP, which ones do not, and why.

Having said that, patients who consult with the board-certified staff at Bergen County Hair Loss have reported feeling content with the outcomes of their procedures. We hope that as we learn more about this fascinating new therapy, we will be able to assist patients who are experiencing hair loss in achieving their objectives through the use of a treatment plan that incorporates PRP.

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